I've finally found some time to set up a new blog, this time using WriteFreely on FreeBSD shared hosting. I'll probably start from writing the articles about deploying some web services on BSD systems - I'm slowly becoming too lazy to maintain all my servers, which explains this migration to shared hostings.

What am I doing with my life right now?

Uhh... I've failed semester on my university, so I'm one year behind with my education. It still pains me seeing people with even less knowledge than me passing to the next semester, but I'm finding it amusing they are still asking me for help with programming. Mathematical analysis, I'm back!

On the other side, I've got a job! That was fast, I was configuring my new computer at work just two weeks after sending my CV. Mostly programming in ANSI C for mainframe systems - salary is good enough to not force myself to learn webdev or Java/Android crap to be able to start saving money for renting a flat and freeing myself from living in my hometown.

This year didn't start easily, but I'm looking optimistically for what future will throw at me.